Jolly Fresh Prune Juice

The finest prunes from the USA are bottled in Jolly Fresh Prune Juice. This drink is known to help relieve constipation. Start your day with a glass of Jolly Fresh 100% Prune Juice . Also try a serving of Jolly Fresh Pitted Prunes.

Fiber is essential for good health. Load up on fiber the natural way with Jolly Fresh Prune Juice. Each bottle contains 100% prune juice made from the finest prunes from the USA. Drinking a glass of Jolly Fresh Prune Juice everyday is a delicious way to cleanse your body and keep your digestive system balanced and on track.

For even more fiber, try a serving of Jolly Fresh Pitted Prunes. They're made from selected plums that are dried then pitted for added convenience. Grab a box for snacking, or for adding an exciting twist to your favorite recipes.

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