Jolly Cow

Jolly Cow offers delicious and creamy UHT Fresh Milk and Non-Fat Milk sourced from Germany's biggest dairy farm where the purest and most premium milk are packed.Jolly Cow also has an affordable condensed milk that is steadily gaining strong presence in the market today.

Sourced from healthy cows in Germany, Jolly Cow Milk is a great source of calcium and essential vitamins. It is made up of 100% Pure Cow's Milk that's subjected to UHT, a process that heats milk to at least 135ºC to kill off any harmful micro-organisms. Available in Fresh Milk and Non-Fat Milk, Jolly Cow is delicious, creamy, and sealed well for freshness.

To sweeten things, there's also Jolly Cow Condensada. Rich, thick, perfectly sweetened, and surprisingly affordable, Jolly Cow allows you to make tasty desserts as often as you want!

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